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Wise Weeds

Aromatherapy, Herbal and Earth-based Healing

Wise Weeds is dedicated to living with the cycles of nature,
appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth
and her generosity in all the gifts she gives us.


Please note, you can now pay for products and classes
with your PayPal account OR with a credit card through PayPal online.
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EBAY store. It includes incense, oils, essential oils, books
and auctions of all sorts of goods and fun items.

Our 2005 Festival Schedule

2005 Schedule of
Herbal & Aromatherapy Classes

Now offering Weekend Certification Classes
in Aromatherapy and Herbalism.
Also check out our Tuesday Night Herbal and Aromatherapy Series

Looking for an Aromatherapy Correspondence Course?
You've just found an excellent one.

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We make our own products, including hand-dipped incense, blended perfume oils, essential oil blends, massage oils, herb infused oils, herbal tinctures, herbal teas, tissanes, infusions, herbal salves, body butters, vegetable glyercin soaps, fragrance and essential oil blends, aromatherapy products, body wash, bath salts, incense using both cones and sticks, resin-based herbal incenses,  aromatherapy candles, essential oil votive candles, gift baskets and gift boxes.

We also offer both an herbal correspondance class and an aromatherapy correspondance class. In-person herbal workshops and aromatherapy workshops are also available.

Wholesale and retail available for most products.
Minimum orders apply to wholesale orders.

Last Updated: January 2005

The information on this website should not replace advice given by your medical practitioner.

PLEASE NOTE: The site owner is NOT a licensed medical person, merely a trained and experienced herbalist. Information provided strictly for educational purposes only.
© 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Wise Weeds and C. Novak All rights reserved.
In other words, we retain ALL rights to our work.

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Wise Weeds Botanicals
485 So. Independence Blvd., Suite 111
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Office Phone: 757-216-8097, ext. 97


Last Updated January 2005
© 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Wise Weeds Botanicals and C. Novak
All rights reserved.